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The digital knowledge platform

The health-care market is in full swing. Due to the ageing population, more and more people are becoming reliant on care. In order to keep quality care accessible and affordable, we need better and smarter products. digitalAngel aids the development of new technology that is necessary to maintain care and well-being.

Knowledge institutes and producers benefit from digitalAngel by exchanging valuable information. Moreover, digitalAngel offers insight into the development of new product concepts for additional services.

Dealers of care products gain insight into how they can continue to provide the most efficient service in an ever-growing and changing market.

For knowledge institutes and producers

digitalAngel provides valuable information and insights into care and well-being, and, in turn, this promotes the development and improvement of care products and technologies.

  • Insights into and analyses of a rapidly growing market
  • Relevant information for the development of smarter products
  • New insights for comprehensive solutions by connecting products

For dealers

With digitalAngel, your care is accessible and affordable. And we work together to achieve a higher quality of life for those people who require care.

  • Additional service and more efficient service thanks to the additional insights
  • Insights into and analyses of a rapidly growing market
  • A single user interface with all the information and insights for innovative solutions

Sharing valuable information

Connecting products

Analyses about the care market

Comprehensive digital knowledge platform

Connecting, sharing and caring

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