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The care sector is facing cuts, so we all face the challenge of having to provide more with less resources. We all want excellent quality, but the budgets are getting smaller. Time to innovate.

With digitalAngel, we can organise care more intelligently and make it more efficient and effective. And we do this by connecting everyone via the digital platform. Together, we enable customisation, stimulate innovation, create insights and improve people's quality of life.

When we deal more efficiently and effectively with knowledge, networks and information, we not only improve the quality of care, but we also save on costs.

This is how we can get a grip on qualitative and affordable care and can counter the cutbacks to the care sector. digitalAngel is here to offer you its support.

digitalAngel provides relief

DigitalAngel facilitates flexible and effective care, even from a distance. As a result, the client's quality of life improves, and we lighten the care professional's workload.

  • Digital data and knowledge platform
  • Lightens the workload for the care provider in facilities and beyond
  • Appropriate care thanks to a personal care plan

More efficient and en effective

digitalAngel makes care more efficient and ensures cost savings. This ensures quality, even when budgets are under pressure.

  • Quality improvements in care
  • Easy realisation of a personal care plan
  • Costs for the necessary care are distributed better

Smarter service provision

Get a grip on the care

Cost savings

Improved efficiency

Connecting, sharing and caring

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