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We're all busy with care and well-being in our own way. As an independent guide and director, digitalAngel brings together in a single location all of the questions, needs and initiatives of clients, care professionals, care managers, scientists, producers, health insurers and consumers. By uniting, we can all get a grip on enjoying our lives while having affordable care.


digitalAngel inspires, innovates and enables professionals to work more efficiently.
The platform provides valuable insights for affordable and accessible care and well-being. And these insights help knowledge institutes and producers develop and improve new technologies and innovations in the care sector. But digitalAngel also provides relevant information for the development of new product concepts for additional services.


digitalAngel monitors the well-being and the quality of our care alike. We lighten the workload of home-based care and informal caregivers, so more attention can be paid to the client. And by doing so, we improve the well-being and the quality of life for clients and care providers. digitalAngel ensures that no one is forgotten.

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Quality care: accessible and affordable

The digital platform facilitates the best care, whether it's provided in a home or in a facility. Our mission? Achieving a high-quality life for everyone: always and anywhere.

For consumers

Efficient care

digitalAngel transforms care and monitoring processes, making them more efficient and effective. Not only does the quality of the care increase, but costs are also saved.

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Smart care products

digitalAngel's platform supports product innovation, but it also helps existing care products become smarter.

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