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General information
Use of the website of Digital Angel Netherlands B.V. (CoC no. 68052626), with its registered office at Jool-Hulstraat 4 in Almere (hereinafter 'digitalAngel'), is subject to the following conditions and restrictions. Access to, and the use of, this website means that users agree to the stipulations outlined below.

Website use
The information displayed on this website has been compiled by digitalAngel with the utmost care; however, the accuracy and completeness thereof cannot be guaranteed. On this website, digitalAngel provides information only about the products and services offered by digitalAngel.
Amendments to the website can be applied without prior notice. Neither this website nor the websites or documents that can be accessed via this website contain an invitation to buy or sell securities or other financial products or services. The information provided on this website is not intended to serve as a replacement for expert advice. Without verification or further advice, utilisation of the information provided on this website is at the user's own risk and expense.

Information from third parties, products and services
Information from third parties, references or hyperlinks to other websites that are not the property of digitalAngel have been included for information purposes only for the users of this website. Although digitalAngel is extremely selective with the third-party information it includes on this website and on the websites that users are referred to, it cannot guarantee the content and functioning thereof, nor the quality of any products and/or services offered on this website or on referred websites. With regard to the contents of such websites, digitalAngel neither provides any guarantee, nor does it accept any liability.

Intellectual property rights
All of the information displayed on this website, which is taken to include texts, photos, illustrations, graphic material, (trade) names, logos, goods and service marks, is owned and/or licensed by digitalAngel and is protected by database right, copyright, trademark right and/or any other (intellectual) property right. The (intellectual) property rights are not transferrable in any way to the persons or legal entities who are granted access to this site. The content of this website may be used only for private, non-commercial purposes. Users of this website are not allowed to provide the content herein to third parties in exchange for payment nor to duplicate, forward, distribute or circulate said content without the prior and express written consent of digitalAngel. Content from this website involving one or more social sharing buttons installed by digitalAngel may be used by website users only for private, non-commercial purposes.

No liability
digitalAngel is not liable for any damage arising from access to, or use of, this website. Neither is any guarantee offered for the flawless and uninterrupted functioning of this website. Although digitalAngel makes every effort to keep the content of this website as current and complete as possible, it cannot offer any guarantee of the accuracy, validity, completeness or topicality of the information published on, or accessed via, this website. digitalAngel does not accept any liability in this respect.

Applicable law
Dutch law applies to this website and to this disclaimer.

The information and recommendations published on this website can be amended without prior notice. digitalAngel provides information about its products and services through this website. No rights can be derived from this information.

Complaints service
digitalAngel would greatly appreciate it if you would submit any questions, issues or complaints you may have. Our company can leverage this information to search for a suitable solution. Moreover, this information allows digitalAngel to improve the services it provides to its users. To submit any questions, issues or complaints, see the details listed under 'contact information'.

digitalAngel contact information
If, after reading this disclaimer, you still have questions, please feel free to contact digitalAngel by e-mail (info@digitalangel.eu).

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