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Case Study: digitalAngel and Dell Boomi

Smart healthcare is the future! digitalAngel has developed a universal IoT-platform for the healthcare sector, in cooperation with Dell Boomi and Nalta Group.

This customer case study – which you can download here - looks at:

  • Our healthcare platform. digitalAngel is a cloud platform which can be used for the collection and sharing of data from IoT resources. Connectivity forms the basis, and thanks to the extensive information on the platform, it makes life so much easier for care givers, producers, and providers.
  • We help our clients sleep better with smart beds. Using sensors in the mattresses, which measure amongst other things pressure and movement, care givers are automatically alarmed in the event of non-standard measurements or activities.
  • Our platform consists of several components. Salesforce makes sure that information for partners, clients and other users is hosted properly and securely. In addition, there is a tailor-made healthcare portal for managers and employees, the sensor data is channelled through an IoT gateway, and there is a database API. Boomi monitors the entire dataflow.
  • Why we chose Boomi. Boomi is part of an A-brand (Dell) and can process large volumes of data in a rapid but safe way. With Boomi, digitalAngel and Nalta can moreover continue to work independently on the development of the platform.
  • Our plans for the future. The Intelligent Mattress Project is just the beginning of our healthcare platform. We are now working on the expansion of the platform to seven other domains: Smart Living, Smart Vitality, Smart Social Activity, Smart Nutrition, Smart Entertainment, Smart Communication, and Smart Mobility. This will make it the premier universal IoT healthcare platform for all health care producers and providers.

Want to know more? Read all about our healthcare plans in this customer case study.

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