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digitalAngel and Dell join forces

digitalAngel uses the cloud integration service of Dell Boomi for the expansion of our digital data and knowledge platform. Boomi is helping us with the fundaments of our universal healthcare platform and the launch of our Intelligent Mattress Project.

The service of Boomi ensures the seamless integration of the Internet of Things (IoT) with sensor data and patient data. This integration is a crucial part of the Intelligent Mattress Project, where the mattresses are fitted with sensors that collect real-time data which can then be shared with care givers. This means direct action can be taken, for example, if a patient stays too long in the same position. In the meantime, the care givers can focus on other essential tasks.

24-hour monitoring

With this project, we want to make sure every patient is given effective 24-hour healthcare. The vision of ditigalAngel is the creation of an independent, universal IoT platform, which can be used by all sorts of producers and providers to deliver products and services for smart healthcare. We are convinced that accurate and meaningful data and timely intervention are elementary components when it comes to improving the welfare of patients.

digitalAngel chose Boomi because we needed a partner who could seamlessly integrate the IoT sensor data with the patient-related data. The integration of Boomi with the platform of digitalAngel is hosted by our partner Nalta Group.

The world’s first medically approved IoT platform

Peter de Lange, managing director of digitalAngel: “Technology is changing healthcare in so many different ways, on such a large scale, and at such a fast pace. Our unique vision is the creation of a single, universal platform that is linked to multiple IoT and biometric sensors in order to deliver a better service to care givers, patients and their families. We believe this universal platform will play a crucial role in the healthcare services of the future. The partnership with Boomi and Nalta has enabled us to develop a platform that is flexible and will make it possible for us to achieve rapid upscaling in the future.”

“The Intelligent Mattress Project is just the first pilot, but it already demonstrates the gigantic potential of the digitalAngel platform,” says Ian Currie, head of EMEA at Dell Boomi. “Data-based healthcare that is driven by a range of connected biometric sensors is clearly the future of smart healthcare. We are proud to be digitalAngel’s technology partner and to be a part of creating the IoT healthcare platform of the future. We are standing on the threshold of major developments in the field of smart healthcare products and technologies. DigitalAngel is the glue that can bring it all together.”

Download our customer case study about the partnership between digitalAngel, Dell Boomi and Nalta.

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