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Large delegation of Dutch start-ups at SXSW

digitalAngel presents itself to a large international audience

The Netherlands is one of the best places in Europe to launch a start-up, and see it grow into a thriving company. It’s with good reason that this year dozens of start-ups established in the Netherlands will attend the SXSW event in Austin, Texas. Needless to say, digitalAngel will be joining them!

This year, a number of Dutch start-ups will present themselves at the prestigious South By Southwest (SXSW) event in Austin, Texas from 11 to 15 March.

This is where the creative industry converges each year to show the very best of themselves. The impact can be quite far-reaching: in recent years various companies that first presented themselves at SXSW have meanwhile become key players, like: Twitter, Spotify and Foursquare.

This year, for the second time running, Dutch start-ups will be represented at SXSW under the New Dutch Wave banner.
New Dutch Wave came about in 2016, further to the idea that Dutch entrepreneurs could best present themselves in tandem at the notable festival in Austin, Texas.
Similarly, in 2018 New Dutch Wave will attend SXSW with a large delegation of players from the creative industry, including digitalAngel.



New Dutch Wave house
The New Dutch Wave stand will open to visitors on Sunday 11 March; digitalAngel will be present too. The New Dutch Wave house in the centre of Austin will open to the public from Monday 12 March. A range of events will he held here, including a start-up competition, a panel overseen by Prince Constantijn van Oranje about blockchain applications to resolve large-scale societal issues, and a matchmaking session to link start-ups with potential investors, the media, incubators and companies. Over the following days, the programme will address topics such as Smart Cities and Influencer marketing.

Innovative healthcare solutions
As a newcomer to the field of eHealth, digitalAngel’s presence at the New Dutch Wave stand is a must; we will show how we bring together clients, the government, home care organisations, producers and agencies using innovative solutions, and as such improve healthcare.

digitalAngel is an independent platform where supply & demand, data & information, and solutions & interaction dovetail. Via information exchange between healthcare providers and patients, we help to develop improved products. We facilitate efficient, client-based healthcare; even remotely if needed. This in turn enhances clients’ quality of life, and alleviates providers’ workload. Moreover, by making healthcare and welfare more transparent, we make healthcare affordable.

The Netherlands – the new Silicon Valley
Blendle, Peerby, WeTransfer, Ticketswap… These are just a few examples of Dutch companies that until quite recently were start-ups but that nowadays not only enjoy success in the Netherlands, but further afield too. In the meantime, a great deal of new Dutch start-ups are similarly thriving. We boast a wealth of knowhow and entrepreneurship on a global scale in topical areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of things and blockchain applications. Furthermore, it is apparent that time and again foreign start-ups wish to set up in the Netherlands.

Is the Netherlands the new Silicon Valley? In any case, we have more than ten innovative regions across an area comparable to that of California’s innovative belt. With thirteen universities in the Top 200 Times Higher Education World University Ranking, we can rightly be counted among the scientific global vanguard.



The start-up climate in the Netherlands
Why is it that we have such a good start-up climate? A number of things are organised so well in the Netherlands that not only Dutch, but international, new businesses are drawn to establish themselves here.

  • Strategic location. The Netherlands is centrally situated in North-western Europe. We also have a superlative infrastructure.
  • Good social climate. We are an exceptionally affluent country and many people regard the Netherlands as a truly fantastic place to live.
  • First-rate education. We boast a significant number of exceptional colleges and universities across a relatively small area.
  • Good fiscal climate. The Netherlands is a favourable fiscal location for businesses to set up in.
  • International outlook. For centuries, the Dutch have been acknowledged entrepreneurs. Our command of languages is above average and as a trading partner we are very internationally focused.

In addition to this, for the last couple of years the government has been proactively stimulating business set up and growth in the Netherlands. For example, there is a special visa available to innovative foreign businesses. Moreover, in 2015 Start-upDelta was founded in Amsterdam. Its objective is to further improve the start-up climate in our country, and to bring together talent, capital, networks, knowledge and markets. Partners include the ministries of Economic Affairs and Education, Culture and Science.

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