Value based healthcare

The value for the client first

Quality care: affordable and accessible

How do you offer maximum care at a time when healthcare costs are under pressure?

In value-based healthcare, the aim is to maximise the quality of care for the patient and to reduce the costs of care. 
The application of this transformation is not easy. According to Michael Porter, the inventor of the concept of value-based healthcare, it is important to take a number of things into account. For example, the outcomes and costs for each client must be measurable, and care must be organised throughout the entire chain. Technological innovation is essential to measure and optimise the value of healthcare. 

digitalAngel thinks it's important that quality care and well-being be and remain accessible and affordable for everyone. That is why we focus on value-based healthcare. The value for the client then always comes first.

We follow all developments in value-based healthcare closely. digitalAngel develops service concepts around a number of domains.


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