Smart Living

Carefree life and living

A higher quality of life

The increasing ageing of the population increases the demand for care. Smart technology can help to increase well-being while improving the quality of care. Clients in a healthcare institution and people who live at home longer need efficient, but above all, accessible care. Smart Living is one of the smart healthcare domains within which digitalAngel develops service concepts. 

Every service concept has its own ecosystem of smart care tools that are connected to the digitalAngel software platform. In this way, we create valuable information and insights that make the work of care professionals less intensive while improving the quality of care. Safety and mobility in your own living environment, for example, are important for your well-being, and sleeping well contributes to the quality of life.

The service concept Sleep proves how effective technology can be for even the most basic components and experiences of good care. A smart mattress is the heart of the ecosystem of smart care tools within Sleep. Equipped with sensors that measure temperature, pressure and movement, these intelligent aids alert care providers of any abnormal measurement or activity like, for example, if someone gets out of bed or needs to be periodically placed in another sleeping position. 

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