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Excellent care is a matter of concern for everyone. Whether you require care now or will later in a care facility or at home. You would prefer to stay at home as long as possible. But that requires a lot of you and your environment. Together with care providers and informal caregivers, we have to discover how to react to new situations. An example? Countering loneliness.

digitalAngel is a digital platform that offers you the knowledge and insight to maintain your well-being and to improve your care. At digitalAngel, we bring everyone together: care professionals, care managers, scientists, producers, health insurers and the government. And you as the care consumer.

The platform allows everyone to exchange information, thereby enabling us to help make care smarter and more accessible and affordable. We all benefit from this.

For clients and facilities

When you have to stay in a care facility, you naturally want to be able to certain that you are receiving the best care. digitalAngel monitors this.

  • By making care smarter, we realise appropriate care that is based on your individual needs
  • By sharing information between care providers and care producers, we achieve better products
  • By forming connections and by offering community education, we help counter social isolation

For home-based clients

Continuing to live at home in your own familiar environment requires a considerable amount of care. With digitalAngel, we can respond to new situations.

  • Informal caregivers can check from a distance whether everything is okay at your home
  • If necessary, relevant information can be immediately shared with the doctor and the hospital
  • Thanks to smart products, the highest-quality and most appropriate care is provided 24 hours a day

Intelligent insights

Improved well-being

Personal care

Better products

Connecting, sharing and caring

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