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How does digitalAngel work?

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digitalAngel is a digital environment where we inspire each other and collaborate to figure out how to design smarter care. It is a place where you, as a client, get in touch with others, individually and through lively communities. By exchanging our knowledge and experiences, we can make life as pleasant as possible and healthcare as affordable as possible.

The digital platform is a place where, as a knowledge institute, a producer or a dealer, you can interact and discover what is going on in the sector, what the needs of care providers are and what people consider important for their well-being. The platform is also important for the development of innovative product concepts, new services and improved care applications. digitalAngel is a comprehensive application that unites knowledge, technology and networks.

digitalAngel is an independent platform that clearly highlights the opportunities and possibilities regarding care and well-being. It unlocks information for professionals and creates opportunities for them to get in touch with each other. Whether you are a care professional, informal caregiver, care manager, scientist or a health insurer, the platform is the place for you to discover how to organise care more intelligently. Greater efficiency, without sacrificing quality.

Quality care: accessible and affordable

The digital platform facilitates the best care, whether it's provided in a home or in a facility. Our mission? Achieving a high-quality life for everyone: always and anywhere.

For consumers

Efficient care

digitalAngel transforms care and monitoring processes, making them more efficient and effective. Not only does the quality of the care increase, but costs are also saved.

For professionals

Smart care products

digitalAngel's platform supports product innovation, but it also helps existing care products become smarter.

For partners

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